Frequently Asked Questions

What is Monoatomic Gold Ormus?

Monoatomic Gold Ormus, or Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements (ORMEs) is the name given to the white powder that comes from gold and other transitional metals when they have undergone a specific alchemical process.  This process dissolves the clusters, separating the bonds allowing them the be suspended in single atom form. The resultant white powder is chemically inert and can be ingested as a health supplement.  
Monoatomic minerals have electrons that are in a high spin state and is associated with the subtle energetic forces believed to exist at the causal level behind the forces of electromagnetism and gravity. High-spin minerals are referred to by science as exotic matter because they are not yet understood nor included in the Periodic Table of Elements. 

What is Monoatomic Gold Ormus used for? 

Monoatomic Gold Ormus has a myriad of benefits.  It is used by many people to restructure DNA, slow down the aging process, and increase immunity. MGO is also used to enhance mental and physical strength, fight depression and enhance sleep.  People have also experienced enhanced psychic abilities with prolonged use.

How soon will I begin feeling the effects of using MGO?

Everyone experiences the effects of Monoatomic Gold Ormus differently.  Many people feel it immediately and others may require days, weeks or months before they are able to detect a change.  Generally, the effects experienced will depend on how aware a person already is.  Regardless of what one feels experientially, MGO is having an effect introducing more subtle, healing energy to the body.

How much MGO should I take?

We recommend starting off with a few drops each morning and evening.  One can increase the quantity over time, up to 1 tsp daily, depending on your preferred experience.


How is MGO made?

Our Ormus is naturally and organically produced in a simple alchemical process using deep sea Hawaiian ocean water, 24k gold, crystals, diamonds lava rock and botanicals.     

Are there any side effects?

There are generally no side effects of using Monoatomic Gold Ormus.  Some users have experienced 'healing crises', which occurs when the body attempts to quickly detoxify itself, characterized by increased bowel movements, fatigue, etc.  We recommend increasing water consumption and getting more rest as your body is acclimating - clearing out stagnant energy and opening new energetic pathways.  


Which Ormus product should I begin with?

Your choice of product depends on what your goals are.  All of our ingestibles are primarily ormus with added botanicals and frequencies for other added benefits.  The Hawaiian Monoatomic Gold Ormus is our foundational Ormus product and may be a good choice for individuals who are new to monoatomic gold. Our chakra activation ormus preparations can assist in strengthening certain chakra centers.