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Organic Patchouli & Ormus Body Lotion w/ Hyaluronic Acid

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Enjoy this organic, plant based body lotion with Hyaluronic Acid and Monoatomic Gold for deep moisturizing and skin repair. The earthy scent of Patchouli balances the emotions and creates a state of calm & tranquility.

Diamond Soleil Skincare is an organic, vegan and chemical-free line of products that combines nature, science and energy healing modalities to create the ultimate skincare experience!

• nourishes and heals skin on a cellular level
• reduces fine lines and wrinkles
• reduces pore size
• returns exuberant glow to the skin
• helps heal wrinkles & eczema
• moisturize and refresh the skin

The Diamond Soleil line of products utilize ingredients and methodologies to repair and restructure skin on a cellular level. It is all natural and rapidly delivers subatomic oxygen and carbon molecules into skin cells, retuning them to their healthiest condition and appearance. It is vibrationally charged with subtle, gentle fields of energy that begin to heal skin instantly. Diamond Soleil uses monoatomic gold ormus which is gold reduced to to a single atom, making it easily absorbed by the skin. Monoatomic Gold has been touted for millennia by ancient Chinese and Egyptian alchemists as a ‘fountain of youth’.

Diamond Soleil products are lovingly and ceremonially created using vibrational & energy healing methods to positively affect the mind & body - sacred geometry, crystal singing bowls, chanting, Reiki, gemstones and prayer.

Ingredients: oxygen infused/purified water, monoatomic gold ormus, aloe, oils* of shea, olive, coconut, avocado, jojoba & rose hip seed; hyaluronic acid, vegetable glycerin*, e-wax, jasmine essential oil, love

Created with Love & Aloha on the Big Island of Hawaii